How well do your bosses stay in touch with your day-to-day reality?

  • How well do your bosses stay in touch with your day-to-day reality?
    Well — They’re up to speed on the big things but not the little ones  36.04%
    Not very well — They’re a bit out of touch with my situation  28.41%
    Poorly — They live in an ivory tower  16.27%
    Very well — They understand most of what I go through  14.16%
    Extremely well — They completely understand what I go through  5.12%

Our bosses are out of touch? It’s interesting that the majority of you said your bosses are out of touch with your reality because in the previous SmartPulse, I asked how well you stay in touch with your team members’ reality and the vast majority of you said you’re very much in touch. It’s pretty amazing to see the perception bias and gap between these perspectives. Sure, our assessments of our own skills are always rosy hence the bias. I encourage you to take the time to get a candid assessment of how your teams would answer this question about you. Or you can simply take these steps to make a pointed effort to better stay in touch with your team’s reality. — Mike Figliuolo is managing director of ThoughtLeaders and author of “One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership.

As a boss, I try to be empathetic and understand of all of my employee’s needs. I remember working for corporate and for the the government. My bosses never really understood or cared about my challenges. Those experiences have helped me be stay in touch with reality with my employees. Some days, I don’t care about anything but high level things that need to get done.

If I had to rate myself as a boss, I’d say, “Very well”. “Extremely well” would be taking time away from growing the business. In comparison to football, sometimes I have to be the owner, quarterback, fan, and/or player on the field. Whatever I have to be at the present time, I rarely choose to sit on the sidelines.

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