CEO of the NC Theatre Reacts to “The Networking Diary”

Last Saturday, it was an HONOR to be one of the judges for the 2012 Mr./Ms./Mrs. Black NC pageant. I got to work hard with a panel of strong women! One is the President of the African American Chamber of Commerce, one owns a Speaker Bureau, one owns a high-end etiquette school, and one is the CEO of the NC Theatre. It was such a pleasant surprise to meet all these women because only two days before the pageant, I wrote on the director’s Facebook, “If you need any help with the pageant, let me know!” It turns out that a judge had backed out the day before.

Naturally, I volunteer to judge. It was tough because last weekend, I had just crowned the new Ms. Corporate America in Orlando, FL, came back and worked a full week at my store- Sweet T Salon. By the the time I drove to St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, NC, to judge the pageant, I was exhausted. The entire night was full of wonderful people. The contestants were STELLER!  It is hard to not give everyone 1st place at this pageant. I loved all of the contestants and organizers of the pageant.  All the contestants were asked hard questions about their goals, platforms, and current events- particularly their opinions about the Trayvon Martin case. I was blown away by their eloquent responses.  Hopefully, I will get to judge next year!!

Before I leave St. Aug., I signed a “Networking Diary” for each judge as a “Thank you for being such an awesome new teammate” gift. The next day, all the judges e-mailed each other with praises for each other, the contestants, and the pageant. A day later, the CEO of the NC Theatre sent a message about my book! I am sooooo excited about each response that has been giving to me about The Networking Diary. Even with a message as the one below. Yay! I can’t wait to hear more opinions of the book.

  • RE: Noire Productions: Mr./Ms./Mrs. Black NC 2012 Competition‏

To ‘Nancy T. Nguyen’
Started reading your book – you are awesome – I would love to come visit you at Sweet T!

President & CEO

North Carolina Theatre
A Christmas Story The Musical – 11/29-12/4
Green Day’s American Idiot – 1/31-2/5
Les Miserables – 2/14 – 2/19
Steel Magnolias – 4/20-29
Oliver! – 7/17-22
Legally Blonde The Musical – 10/9-14

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First Generation American Entrepreneur Author of The Networking Diary Ms. Corporate America 2011
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