This Friday, I’ll be speaking at Brasa:

This Friday, I’ll be speaking at Brasa: Women like our Secretary of State have spoken in the past. It is exciting to have the opportunity to share “The Networking Diary”. There are so many women’s business groups forming worldwide. Hopefully, I can influence all of them. Here is a letter that a client sent tonight after I asked her how her haircut with me was:
” Hi! I like it a lot! I looking forward to seeing it after hot rollers….I may want it thinned out a smidgeon more at some point….want it to curl like yours:) I’m glad I came in yesterday….I feel I was meant to meet you:) I remember when I first met you outside the salon and thought ‘what a really warm personality she has!’ It is such a joy to read in your
book of your humble upbringing here in Raleigh and to see where you are now! I’m not even your mother, but SO proud of all your accomplishments!

I feel embarrassed now that I handed you my cards without more of an explanation of what I do and WHY I do it. So if you don’t mind my sharing a bit, here goes: I was an administrative assistant for 10 years before starting my little business as a Personal Assistant. My job duties changed, it wasn’t a good fit anymore from my perspective, so I decided to make a change. I told everyone I knew about my new work and asked them to tell everyone they knew. I sent out emails, notes on FB, ran ads, answered ads, and I have 6 steady clients now (lost 2 others who moved away/their needs changed). I love the variety of tasks and am close to everyone I work for. (I have a little ad in the newsletter that I forwarded to you under “More Bargain Buzz”….describes much of what I do). My goal has always been to serve folks whose plates were overflowing with responsibilities that I greatly admire, leaving them very little personal or family time. I have young professionals, busy moms, and seniors that I help.

As I mentioned the other day, I don’t see myself as a business woman at all:( but I enjoy what I do and the freedom to set my schedule and to still be in the home setting which is my favorite! It has been really hard financially, though, so I network frequently and pray! a lot. So, thanks for your ideas the other day. Maybe my recommendation of you will bring new clients into the salon, and maybe you’ll hear of someone in need of my help…I always look at it as planting seeds:)

Hope you have a great week, Nancy, and fun celebrating your birthday soon! I will be back to see you when I need a trim.”

These are the kinds of letters that motivate me to keep pushing forward because I love to see other entrepreneurs passionately grow their businesses.


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